Charlee Watt

Presented by: Charlee Watt

Genre: Jazz


  • July 30, 2021



Address: 27 Tasman Terrace , Port Lincoln SA 5606


Session / Price:

30 Jul at 7.30pm FREE


Come and listen to the young local powerhouse vocalist who is ‘Charlee Watt ‘ perform her favourites and rearrange and reinterpret songs you know and love by putting her own spin on them. Front woman of local band Rafikee and only 16 years young, already writing and recording Charlee has plenty to share.
Charlee has taken every opportunity that has come her way to do what she loves best – to sing and perform. From soloist in school choirs on stage at the Festival Theatre or Entertainment Centre, Charlee loves the thrill and excitement of performing, whether singing with others in the school musicals, Gondwana National choir, singing solo, or with Rafikee playing to a crowd, you’ll find Charlee in her happy place. Come and “Have a seat” (newly released ) and spend time with Charlee Watt.


Charlee has experimented with ukulele and guitar and keyboard at the House of Creative Learning, and still believes she is being tortured by musical theory but is enjoying that her musical knowledge is growing and that she is beginning to appreciate the language of music. Charlee’s real passion is in singing and through working with Jean Proude, Greg Eden and Lesley Gentilin she has made it to the stage where she is confident to accompany herself. Charlee participated in SALT Festival 2021 in Songwriters in the Round, showcasing three of her original songs and impressing with her powerful vocals and descriptive imagery. Charlee will be performing in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Class of Cabaret in June and will continue to seek out opportunities to further her craft as a young artist.