When is Umbrella Festival 2020?

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Umbrella will be moving it’s dates to reflect and protect public health and safety policy.

Umbrella Festival will now take place over the 18th of September 2020 to the 4th of October 2020.

We hope there is a recovery globally and in Australia in this time. If circumstances change, and it is deemed unsafe to go ahead with our new dates, we will cancel by July 1st 2020.

What does COVID-19 mean for Umbrella Festival 2020?

Umbrella Festival has moved it’s dates to reflect and protect public health and safety policy, and will now take place from September 18th 2020 – October 4th 2020. 

We hope there is a recovery globally and in Australia in this time. If circumstances change, and it is deemed unsafe to go ahead with our new dates, we will cancel by July 1st 2020.

We hope Umbrella Festival will be a good opportunity to celebrate and welcome back live music in South Australia. In the interest of supporting our local music industry through this trying time, Umbrella will be waiving all registration fees for 2020. ALL registrations will be FREE effective immediately. 

If you wish to be in the 2020 print programme, the revised registration deadline is Wednesday 29 July 2020.

Tickets go on sale from Monday the 3rd of August.


For more details please see our full COVID-19 updates page here.

What does it cost to include my event in the festival?

Previously there was a $25 fee per event registration, however, in the interest of preserving live music after the devastation the COVID-19 crisis caused in the music industry, ALL registrations are now free of charge.

Is Umbrella Festival exclusive to South Australian music only?

Absolutely not! Interstate and International artists are welcomed (and encouraged) to register their event with Umbrella, if they have an event in South Australia within the festival dates (updated due to COVID19) of Friday 18th Sept – Sunday 4th Oct 2020. 

Do I need to do my own marketing and promotion?

Yes, absolutely, additionally to your registration with Umbrella you should also be managing your own digital and print promotion of your event. Everyone who registers their event with Umbrella will receive an email with the festival logo and digital assets, which you are encouraged to use in your marketing. Music SA will run an overarching generic marketing campaign for the festival. 

Can you sponsor my event?

Umbrella Festival is a festival presented by Music SA, a not for profit organisation, and unfortunately we are not able to offer monetary sponsorship to any open access live music events. As an open access festival, artists pay a fee to be registered in Umbrella and use their own funds to stage their productions and/or run their venues and receive their own ticketing income.

I’m looking for a venue for my event, what sort of things should I be considering?

Capacity – This is pretty essential, you don’t want to book a venue too big or too small. If you are realistically expecting 50 people at your event it’s not a good idea to book a venue with a 300 capacity. This works in reverse also, as a room that no one can move in is not ideal either.

Cost of Hire – Is it within your budget? What does the hire cost cover? Is it an upfront cost or a cut of the ticket sales? Do they have a PA equipment and a stage, a dressing room etc. On the other side of this, if the venue you want to perform at is one that regularly programmes live music, will they pay YOU a guarantee so that you can cover artist fees?

Location – Is there parking available? Is it wheelchair accessible? Is there public transport close by?

Is the venue suitable? – Does the venue provide staff? Is it licensed? Does the existing clientele suit your event? What genre of music does well at the venue?

For more information please read Music SA’s helpful Venue Factsheets by clicking here

Search our venue directory here.

I missed the cut-off date to register my event for the printed program, can I still register my event to be featured in the online program?

Yes you can. Registrations for the online program will remain open until Tuesday 1st Sept 2020. registration will remain FREE.

What is an Umbrella Curated Event?

The City of Adelaide will be funding a selection of curated Umbrella events in the CBD. The Umbrella Team seek local creatives and experienced event producers to take part in the curated program of Umbrella Festival 2020. You will notice these events as the half-page features in the first 10 pages of the printed program. 

Where does Umbrella Festival take place?

Umbrella takes place primarily in live music venues and other locations that have the ability to activated with live music events within the Adelaide CBD and surrounding suburbs. 

What kind of events will there be? 
Umbrella is a celebration of all forms of contemporary live music. Think orchestras, folk, hip hop, metal, pop, acoustic, children’s music, punk, electronic, world music and everything in between. Expect emerging and established artists, original music, tribute acts and more!

What does my registration get me?

Over 30 000 copies of the free printed program with your event listing will be distributed across South Australia and as an insert inside the NSW, QLD and WA Scenestr editions. Additionally, your event will be listed in the online program on our website.Umbrella Festival will be supported with a huge marketing campaign led by Music SA. On top of the printed guide, key marketing initiatives include a far-reaching general publicity campaign with digital promotion across various Social Media and other digital channels. General promotion of the festival will also occur through TV, Radio and Print Media. Expect also to see street and venue dressings. Venues will receive a marketing package.

PLEASE NOTE: The revised registration deadline for print is July 1st 2020.

***All event registrations are now FREE of charge


I am an interstate/international artist who wants to come to South Australia to perform during Umbrella Festival – where do I start?

Please email jessi@musicsa.com.au for guidance and assistance in getting your event registered with Umbrella.

Can I offer tickets to my show for Umbrella giveaways and competitions?

Yes! By doing this we can promote your event on Umbrella Festival social media platforms. Please liaise with our marketing coordinator: lauren@musicsa.com.au 

I’m looking for other artists to join my event/I’m looking for a venue for my event.

Music SA has both an artist directory and a venue directory available on their website for your perusal.

Artist Directory: http://www.musicsa.com.au/directory-type/artist/ 
Venue Directory: http://www.musicsa.com.au/directory-type/venue/

Music SA does not provide a venue/artist matching service. It is up to you to plan, register, promote and manage your own event. We are always happy to chat about ideas for your event and point you in the right direction. If you run a venue and want to be involved, click here to register on the Music SA Venue Directory.

Does Music SA run any Umbrella events?

Music SA runs the Opening Night street party, and this is an opportunity for you to be present and hand out promotional information about your event. Please get in touch with the Umbrella Coordinator about this. 

Music SA also runs Scouted which is a four venue showcase of 16 bands playing in front of local and national music industry VIP’s. It is open to the public. Musicians are able to submit an online Expression of Interest to play at Scouted here. (http://www.musicsa.com.au/expressions-of-interest-now-open-for-scouted-2019/)

How do I apply for an Umbrella Curated Event?

The Curated program is not open publicly to expressions of interest. It is an internal research process by the Umbrella team and programmer. You can reach out (steve@musicsa.com.au) if you are an experienced event producer with a unique idea for a curated event. Please feel free to get in touch. Since it’s inception, the Umbrella team has worked with a variety of different curators and provided professional development throughout the process. Not all applicants are successful but you can still register your event in the Open Access program – avr.umbrellaadelaide.com.au 

My question is not answered here, how can I get in touch?

For general Umbrella Festival enquires please email jessi@musicsa.com.au 
For marketing enquiries, please email lauren@musicsa.com.au  
For those wishing to meet the Umbrella Festival team and get some face time with us prior to registering your event, you are welcome to attend a free information session in the Adelaide CBD at St Pauls Creative Centre on Wednesday 4 March at wither 10am or 6pm. For details about this session click here.

How do I register my Umbrella event?

Umbrella Festival has partnered with the Adelaide Fringe in 2020 to make registering your event easier than ever through our Artist and Venues registration system, AVR. Please note that the venue hosting your event must be registered first through AVR before you will be able to register your event. This is both simple and quick to do. 

Find the registration page on our website under “Register Your Event” or go to avr.umbrellaadelaide.com.au Registrations will open on Monday March 18 and close on July 1 (for inclusion in the printed program).

Registrations for inclusion in the online program will close on Tuesday Sept 1.